Pantara Riding Cock

Sexy coed Pantara is feeling super horny today, and she intends to make sure she gets off and cums multiple times before the day is out.  In this Karups PC set, Pantara allows the cameras to film every detail from every angle of her hardcore fuck session with her friend.  Watch as she drops to her knees and sucks him off, before demanding that he stick his cock deep inside her pussy in the reverse cowgirl position.

Pantara Kissing

You can see her pussy getting wet as the heavy make-out session continues.   Can’t wait to see Pantara out of those shorts.

Pantara Sucks Cock

Pantara drops to her knees and grabs his cock in her right hand and proceeds to stick it firmly into her warm wet mouth.

Pantara Reverse Cowgirl

With his cock hard and her pussy ripe and ready for action, Pantara hops up on top of his cock in the reverse cowgirl position and proceeds to get fucked raw.   Up and down she bounces on the cock like a trampoline.

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Sexy Office Secretary Enza

Beautiful mature secretary Enza sure knows how to sex up an office!  Tall, long stems flowing from her short black skirt, this girl has it all working for her.  I’m thinking about setting up an office just to hire her!   In this massive Karups OW photo set, Enza slowly slips out of her short skirt and poses naked on the sofa, even taking a moment to slide her fingers deep inside her warm moist pussy.

Enza Short Skirt

Fuck me, I want those long sexy legs wrapped around my head twice over.   Enza is making that black skirt work hard!

Enza Bra & Panties

Off comes the shirt and her black skirt quickly follows.   We are left to admire the beauty of Enza in her bra & panties with black heels on her feet.

Enza Hanging Tits

Enza slides her panties down off her hips towards her knees.   I love watching as her MILF breasts hang down just waiting to get sucked on.   Enjoy the full set as Enza gets her pussy juices flowing.

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Girl Next Door Lucy

Brown eyed cutie Lucy is that girl next door type of girl that you always wish you had, but likely didn’t if you are anything like me!   Today we find Lucy in her closet preparing to change her outfit and she has let us film it for Karups HA.   Lucy pulls off her yellow top so she is standing topless in her tight jeans, before slipping them down her hips and to the floor.

Girl Next Door Lucy

Lucy is having a little fun in the closet trying on her various hats, but she is really there to change out of her blue jeans.

Lucy Topless In Jeans

Lucy has her yellow top off her body, and those perky tits are breathing fresh air and saying their first hello to everyone.

Lucy Naked In Closet

Beautiful girl next door coed Lucy is now sitting on the floor in the closet butt naked as the day she was born.  Still being a bit of tease, Lucy has her shaved twat covered with her left hand, but she is about to spread her pussy lips open for you to enjoy and send your load into.

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Marquise Hoola Hoops

Tall, slender coed Marquise is having a little fun and exercise with her hoola hoop, but after awhile she gets bored and is looking for new fun.  We gently suggest she takes her left over energy and turn that into some intense masturbation, which she agrees to do in this Karups PC set.   Marquise slips her clothes off her tender body, and inserts multiple fingers up inside her moist twat.

Marquise With Hoola Hoop

How fucking cute is Marquise?   I’d love to join her inside the hoola hoop and see if we can fuck and keep the hoop spinning the whole time.

Marquise Side Boob

Marquise has her top off and is exposing her beautiful small tits from the side boob angle.   I personally am fixated on that ass though.

Marquise Butt Naked

Marquise is still being a little tease in this photo as she covers her shaved pussy with her right hand, but she is only moments away from hitting the floor, spreading her legs open and slipping fingers deep inside her wet, warm snatch.

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