Barbie Drops Her Short Skirt

The extremely sexy Barbie is back and ready to show off her tight fit body.  This sexy girl drives me insane everytime.  In this Karups HA set, we get to enjoy Barbie as she is dressed in a blouse and short white skirt.   Lucky for us that skirt is about to hit the floor, and it won’t be long before her red panties and bra join them.   This girl naked is a true sight to see.

Gorgeous Barbie

Barbie is absolutely stunning.   I love a women dressed well and looking sexy in a skirt and nice button down top.

Barbie Topless In Panties

Off comes the bra and we now get Barbie sitting topless in her red panties and with her silver high heels still on her feet.

Butt Naked Barbie

Boom, we got liftoff.   Barbie has removed those panties from her horny pussy lips.  I like that instead of dropping them to the floor right away, she put her panties in her mouth for a little taste and a quick smell.   Send those panties my way Barbie.   Glad she keep those heels on too!

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