Rayna Lee Has Fun With Balloons

Who wants to have some fun with balloons?   Well Rayna Lee definitely does today!  This spunky brunette babe is a bundle of fun and she is usually down for whatever.  If it sounds like fun, she is ready to go.   In this set from Karups HA, Rayna pulls the colorful balloons off the wall and rubs them all over her body.  She gets so cranked up with sexual energy she can’t resist the urge to release the hounds and masturbate for you.

Rayna Lee

Say hello to the gorgeous coed Rayna Lee as she looks adorable in her dress.   I totally dig her teal colored nails!

Topless Rayna Lee

Rayna exposes her beautiful breasts and she is clearly having a good time doing so.   Now to get those balloons off the wall and onto her body!

Rayna Lee Balloons

Rayna Lee has her panties off and being a little tease that she is, she has covered her twat with a balloon.   That is the kind of static electricity I can get behind.  Shock me now baby!    Soon after Rayna rolls over and starts rubbing her body with multiple balloons, all while she touches her pussy with her free hand.

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