Naked Laundry With Pandora

Doing laundry can be a chore, and not a fun one at that.  Well this sexy older girlfriend Pandora has a way to make it exciting and definitely fun.  Naked laundry is the way she likes to do her household chores.   This sexy MILF also does the dishes in the nude, but today we are focused on the laundry in this Karups OW set.   Pandora likes to feel free, and find doing it in the nude also helps to get her boyfriend to assist with the folding.   Hell if my girlfriend did the tasks naked, I’d help too.  Never know if sex will follow!

Sexy MILF Pandora

Pandora is only wearing a blue work shirt as she starts to do the daily laundry.  Fear not though my friends, she is about to do it naked.

Pandora Tits Exposed

The shirt is unbuttoned and her perky milf breasts are unleashed.   I’m very happy but I’ll be even happier when those panties are in the washing machine.

Naked Pandora On Dryer

Pandora has put her panties in to the washing machine, and now she sits naked on top of the dryer.  Nothing like a little vibration to rumble through her clit!   Who wants to help Pandora with the next load of laundry?  There usually is about 45 min of time in between loads to kill 🙂

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