Jennifer Sex In The Shower

Who doesn’t love a good fuck in the shower.  Especially in the morning right before heading off to work.  That always starts the day off on the right foot.  Jennifer is one girl who also loves sex in the shower, and in this Karups PC set, we get to watch her pussy get drilled hard.  Up against the wall and on the tiled floor, this slutty brunette gets turned inside out and back again with his large cock.

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Standing in the bathroom about to shower, Jennifer is kissing her man with her right breast fully exposed.

Naked Jennifer Pulls Down Boxers

Now naked, Jennifer starts to pull down her mans boxers so she can give him an amazing blowjob.   And with lips like hers, she does have skills.

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Jennifer has her eyes closed as she is deep in pleasure town.  Riding up and down on his hard cock, Jennifer is in full control of the action.  Got to love a woman with pussy control.    Anyone want to wake up and have sex in the shower with this girl?

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