Niky Doll Naked Workout

Is there much better in life than watching a gorgeous tight girl working out.   When the spandex hugs her ass cheeks as she rides the bike or hits the stair climber.  It can be damn hypnotizing.   That is the case with Niky Doll in this Karups PC set as we get to watch her workout on the bike, before getting off the bike and stripping off her sweaty workout clothes.

Niky Doll Workout

Fuck me Niky Doll is one sexy girl, and I could watch her peddle that bike for hours on end.   I’d definitely take the spot behind her in spin class, just to watch that ass bounce.

Niky Doll Breasts

After her workout, Niky hopped off the bike and wanted to get out of her clothes.  Can’t blame her, and glad we were there to see those wonderful breasts come out to play.

Niky Doll Ass

Down come her workout pants to expose that tight thong covered ass.   Fuck that is one beautiful ass.   Once naked Niky Doll decided to just squeeze in a quick finger blast for shits and giggles!

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